Free Craigslist Pva Numbers 2015 UPDATED!!


**Serious Marketers Only**

**New black hat package for creating phone numbers**


**We also provide pva numbers, contact me skype:bertfoley2010**


**We now have 4 programs!!:

NEW!! Program 1(PIN PIGS TRAINING): This program allows you to create unlimited 1 time use verizon phone numbers for use to verify on any website via phone or sms. You will need hardware for this program.

Cost: $900 (introduction pricing)
Would you like to create your own GEO-TARGET numbers like PVASPOT and use or sell them for instant pin code verification?

We can teach you how to create your own instant phone numbers for use over and over again to verify your accounts by SMS/TEXT.

Each VERIZON phone number using this method is about .30 to .40 per pva number!

100 STRONG VERIZON PVA’s for less than $40!

Watch the video below that explains how to use the Instant Verizon PIN Code service

Program 2(black hat training) $1,499: allows you to make unlimited (VZW) numbers from any zip code. ( Only 4 licenses available)

This program allows you to create unlimited Verizon phone numbers using hardware that you may purchase at most retail stores for less than $40.

Program 3 (extremely black hat training) is $12,000.00 (SOLD OUT) that allows you to create numbers from the following companies unlimited (really, there is no limit as long as you buy more hardware) This package allows you to make numbers from :



US Cellular

LEAP Wireless

Bell Mobility


Program 4 was $3000 $1,500.00 program that allows you to make unlimited pva’s without any hardware whatsoever! **This one works from anywhere in the world **

** All packages allow you to Make your own cl numbers from ANY area code: Control any section of craigslist with numbers on demand**

**Affiliates: We will pay you 100.00 for every paying client your refer same day**

If you are not serious about making more money from phone numbers / pvas / craigslist posting service and marketing, stop reading and save yourself the time.

Are you stuck paying 4-10 dollars a number for phone numbers that don’t work or phone numbers you don’t get delivered at all?

We are a leading wholesaler and we are offering 4 more serious people the opportunity to learn how to make their own forwarded phone numbers that work every single time. Don’t pay those people at attlines 6.00 for craigslist pva number when you can make your own.

what is a craigslist pva?

There are many people using this method already: (we sell to the resellers)  (martin)is a reseller of a seller that uses this method (anthony) uses this method uses this method uses this method (Bryan or Brian Smyth) NO LONGER IN BUSINESS (SCAMMER) resells from people who use this simple method….generally, anyone selling phone numbers will be using this method, I guarantee it.

About the numbers: The numbers are actually free numbers, you just have to know how to get them. If you buy phone numbers from any of the websites above and check on  you will see that the numbers are LANDLINE numbers.

Each number you create will come with 25 minutes and last for 120 days. Everything you need will be explained to you and costs less than 100 dollars and you might have some of the equipment at home if you have ever had a phone before.

Now you will be able to make as many pva’s/phone numbers as you want, over and over again. There is no limit to how many numbers you can make.

-I am a REAL United States citizen with a real job,  and I value my time and clients so please don’t try to run any games or scams on me.

-How can I pay? Alertpay, Bitcoin, Moneypak, Paypal (verified paypal only and you must wait for it to clear), Bank Deposit, Western Union

-If you would like my phone number please request it in the contact form.

Remember, these numbers are all coming from the biggest telephone companies in the world and the numbers cannot be blocked because the companies that provide the numbers are too big to fail. This is the best investment you will ever make.

Our Skype is Bertfoley2010: Serious Minded People Contact us when ready to get started only !

Here’s a result of one of our recent client. 3 Days Ago before the Results he did not even know about Craigslist, NOW HE IS AN EXPERT Watch The Result in SERVICES Section best craigslist tutorings on the planet best craigslist tutorings on the planet

What  we will help you accomplish:

1- CLAD overview
2- Install CLAD Genius
3- Setup CLAD Genius up for your Business and your Targetting.
4- Teach you how to create free craigslist pva numbers Create your Own eMail & Create your own Pva ( Save Pvas Money )
5- Show you and help you Install your own IP Solution ( ELIMINATES  Ghosting )
6- Setup your ads, And how to make 1 ad post all over USA(100% Unique)
7- Pick up the Top Traffic/  Highest earning cities.
8- To Get USA Forwarding Numbers for your Pvas accounts.
9- How to Troubleshoot 100% Of Clad Genius Issue.

Plus our training includes…

How to Post to craigslist Like a Pro
We will Teach you how to Successfully Post to Any Classified website, Such as, Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, eBay classified.
We’ll Make Sure you are 100% Knowledgeable with how to 100% Successfully Post, Plus how to get 100% Of your ads Live.

2 Weeks Free Live Support After your Training is Over, To Keep eye on your Clad and your Business as well, Make sure everything is Moving Smooth by your end.
[U]Because we Believe, our services Actually Started When we finish your Training

Questions & Answers About My Services.

Q: How long Does the Training Takes?
A: From 1-3 hours, depending on how much relative experience you have.

Q:Where Will I Receive the Training?
A: On your PC or we can arrange for one of our consultants to have a session with your marketing department in person.

Q:What are the Hours available for Training?
A:We do our best to work around your schedule, we’ll contact you to set the best time and date for you.

Q: How can This Training Help me increase my Sales / Leads / Etc?
A: By Learning how to use Clad Genius, you will be able automatically to post more ads nationwide increasing your exposure by using a medium that gets your message out without breaking the bank; This is means More Money in your bottom line.

Q: How can this Training help me Avoid Ghosting ads?
A: We teach you how to use CLAD to emulate natural human movements as to avoid ghosting detection.

Q: I have Clad Already, I Just need Help Fix some Issue?
A:Please contact us, we are more than happy to help you through your CLAD issues.

Q:How will your service work for people who have no idea?
A: We guarantee our efforts and practices 100% We work with you until you are an EXPERT able to post in any city.

Q: What do I Need to Start Posting With Clad Genius my ads?

  1. Clad Genius.
  2. USA Forwarding Numbers
  3. IP Solutions.
  4. Your ads.

B:  ANSWER=HELP from the We will help you get everything you need. You just sit back, and let us teach you how to use the software to accomplish your goals so you can focus on things other than marketing, like family.
If you don’t Have Clad or Thinking about Buying One, we can help you rent it for One Month for Only $175


WE Also Offer More Packages for more Info, Please contact us.

Q: How much do i need beside Clad to start earning Money?

A: Depends on how many ads are you looking to post per day or per week.


Remember, We will Teach you how to create from 1 Single ad, Up to Millions ads and more if you want too.
We’ll Show you Where to get The Unique IPs
We’ll Show you how to create pva from scratch

Q: How Much Does the Training Cost?
A: Training and CLAD help starts at just $150.00

Q: What’s your Payments Options?
A: PayPal
Direct Bank Depoist ( USA ONLY )
Money Order ( USA Only )


Q: How can I Pay you?
Q: Please Contacting by the Contact Info in the Pic in the Top of the Page, and A Quick Way to get in Touch with us by email or by skype address BERTFOLEY2010, And I Will be more than Glad To Assist you.

Q: I Sales Products, Can Your Training Increase My Sales?
A: Yes, we guarantee it Will

Q: I Work with Affiliate Companies, Can your Training Help Generate More Leads and Sales?
A: Yes it will

Q:I Have no idea where to start, can your Training Help Me Start?
A: Yes we can Suggest a Couple fields, and you chose what best for you, and we start Our Training from that Point Going Up.

Q: I Have More Questions, How Can I Get Answer?
A: Leave a Reply Here or Leave A Comment on our website.

Thank and Please feel free to ask Any Questions

Contact us:

Skype: bertfoley2010

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